Problem with NT4 and Word 2000

Christoffer Perret christoffer.perret at
Thu Jan 4 06:50:29 GMT 2001

I wonder if somebody could help me with a problem I've been having with Word 2000. We have a small samba network with about 10 machines. All but 1 of them are Win 98s, but one is NT4. The Samba server is a RedHat 7 server running Samba 2.0.7.

The problem we have been having is this:

The NT machine cannot access the network drives (mapped through a login script) through Word. Word says something like the following: "No permission to access the folder so-and-so. Contact your network administrator". This happens when i use "File | Open" or "File | Save" from Word.

If I, on the other hand, open the same network drive through "My computer" or "Windows Explorer", and double click on the Word file, everything works just fine. I am able to save the file in Word, even "Save As" and even Open another file. AS LONG AS I DON'T TRY TO ACCESS THE ROOT FOLDER OF THE NETWORK DRIVE.
The Win98s don't have any such problems.

This applies to all shared network drives and the user's home directory, so it shouldn't be a matter of UNIX permissions.

Has anyone run up against anything similar?

Christoffer Perret

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