printing linux to windows???

Wayne wayne99 at
Thu Jan 4 01:33:22 GMT 2001


How can I tell which version of samba I'm running? Is there
a command I
can run to do this?

I'm trying to set up printing from Linux to a printer
to a windows machine. I have some questions:

According to Robert Eckstein's book, smbprint can be used
but the guidance
implies that smb.conf does not even need an entry for this.
Instead it
discusses setting up the /etc/printcap file and a .config
file in the
/var/spool/... subdirectories. It it true that I do not need
an entry
in the smb.conf file to do this?

Will blanks in the share name (on the windows side) cause a
problem on
the Linux side?

Does each separate printer require its own subdirectory in
or /var/spool/samba/...  ?

We have a printer on a jet-direct box with it's own IP
address. This printer
is installed on a windows machine with it's drivers. From
Linux can I print
directly to the printer across the network without samba?
Can I utilize
the drivers installed on the windows machine using samba?

Wayne (wayne99 at

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