Can't rename folders using Win2K

rparker at rparker at
Wed Jan 3 20:23:30 GMT 2001

I've searched the archives and can't find anything quite
exactly like this, so forgive me if this has been covered. I
realize there has been much traffic regarding Samba and Win2k. 

I put a single Win2k workstation on our network, and everything
'appears' to be fine - the user can login, see files/folders,
etc. and do everything she could do under Win9x. Today she
needed to create a new folder in a shared directory. Using NT
explorer she was able to create a 'New Folder' but when she
attempted to rename it to something useful the error message:

"Cannot rename New Folder. There has been a sharing
violation. The source and destination file may be in use"

She is able to sucessfully copy files into the directory and
read them, but cannot rename the directory. I had originally
set that shared directory tree as 1770 so people couldn't
inadvertenly blast other's files, but I reset the whole thing
to 0770 as a test and it still didn't make any difference.

I am running Samba version 2.0.4b and I don't have time right
at the moment to upgrade (other more pressing tasks are in the
queue) and if there were to be any problems I'd really be sunk,
but if that is the only fix then so be it.

Any short term, useful ideas/tips much appreciated.


Rich Parker
Director of Engineering
Vermont Public Radio

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