ERROR: Out of policy handles

MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1) don_mccall at
Wed Jan 3 14:59:31 GMT 2001

Hi Jerry,
We're seeing several customers with this problem as well.  One of them we
can explain pretty well I think, and this might be something you want to
consider in general - They started seeing these errors when they moved from
individual client connections to the samba server to using Terminal server
clients instead.  So in effect, a single smbd is having to handle LOTS of
users over a single vc, and it makes it more likely that the smbd is going
to run out of policy handles LEGITIMATELY...  We might want to add some
documentation to
the tree to warn about this, and possible consequences; On NT 4.0 terminal
server there is a registry hack to force it to open a separate vc for each
client connection to a server, but not everyone is willing to do this, and
with Win2000 terminal services, this registry hack does not work, and there
is currently no way to force Win2000 terminal services to use individual
vc's per client.

Another customer experiencing this problem swears they have NO terminal
server clients, so we are investigating this to see if we can tie a
particular dos app, or some service that might be opening handles and not
closing them appropriately.
Do you have a good understanding of what kind of activity on a pc results in
a policy handle being opened?
Don McCall
Hewlett Packard

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