Samba 2.0.7

Phillip Dew (EPA) Phillip.Dew at
Tue Jan 2 12:55:15 GMT 2001

Hi John,
Thanks for the information, but I don't think my problem is the same. All
users have been defined with smbpasswd, and the user that is unable to
'login' can be different each time. It depends who logs in second or third,
not who the user is.

Regards Phill

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	Hi Phillip,

	I was trolling the Samba list archives and came across your problem.
I was
	having a similar problem here with just 2 Win 98 machines + Samba
	server.  I could see the Samba share from one machine, but not the
other.  I
	was getting identical error messages in the log.smb file.

	Turns out the problem was that I had accidently deleted one of the
	from the smbpasswd file. (I think IPC has to do with passwords, not

	I was also having some kind of problem with the guest account.
Setting the
	guest user to 'nobody' seemed to do the trick.

	Hope this is helpful.

	-John Federico
	rico at
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