Networking to Win NT Workstation 4

Ragnar Wislff ragnar.wisloff at
Tue Jan 2 10:53:31 GMT 2001

Tuesday 02 January 2001 06:56, skrev S Chouinard:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to network Red Hat 6.2 and NT Workstation 4. I'm not sure
> what I'm doing wrong, but I have Samba installed on the Red Hat
> machine, and I'm trying to get my settings correct so that I can see
> the Red Hat computer from the NT machine, first of all.

Getting NT4 Workstation machines to use samba is not trivial, 
especially if you want it to be a PDC (allow domain logins). If you 
look closely you will see some references to samba version 2.1 in the 
discussions in ch. 5. As you might know, latest samba version is 2.0.7 
and looks like staying there for the time being.

So get the 2.0.7 samba first, it should be on Red Hat's upgrade's page.

For instructions on how to make your NT WS use samba as PDC. take a 
look at this url:

You might also try this one:
which deals with the issue as well.

It is possible to do it, so don't lose heart!

Best regards
Ragnar Wisløff

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