Well there is a problem in here somewhere.

Andrew Bruno abruno at zeta.org.au
Mon Jan 1 03:00:07 GMT 2001


I am sure this is not going to do my reputation any good.  I will be known
as someone who just can't stop asking questions.

Folks, I am guessing there are not too many Amiga people out there.  Shame
really.  But anyway, in follow up to my problems about getting the two
machines talking to one another:

I kind of got the password thing resolved but it re-apperared.  Then
dis-appeared just as mysteriously as it re-appeared.

So last thing was it was working after a slight hic-up.

Today I am trying it again, and it doesn't work - again.   Like before, it
is asking for a password.

I have also been told that the PeeCee called "586" is not a good idea.  As
that gets interpreted as an IP number.  So the machine is now called

Alas, even so, when I try to connect to it from the Amiga, I get the same
error - as I said in my earlier post.  :-/

So really I am stuck at square ONE.

I thought I had moved to TWO, but it seems there is great instability with
how the Amiga and the PeeCee see each other from the PeeCee end of things
when I am in the NN window of the PeeCee.

I can attatch any files that are important, but for now, I don't want to
swamp people like myself who are not having any luck getting theirs working
with my problems and files.

So if anyone is interested, I can send along any flies you want.

Thanks!   And Happy New Year!

 Left hand threaded.

Andrew Bruno
abruno at zeta.org.au

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