Hello, I'm Raphael.. Question about samba!

안영우 mildrain at dreamwiz.com
Tue Jan 2 02:43:47 GMT 2001

 Hello, My name is Raphael. 
 Nice to meet you online...  ^.^

 I have 1 question about smbd and nmbd ...
 I'm engaged in the project for making some internet apparatus. 
 And I want to install samba package on our system. So, I have 
 cross-compiled that package for strong-arm.. 

 And I have tested some operations like 'smbclient, smbmount'.. 

    It worked so well....
 But, I can't execute daemon smbd, nmbd...  

 In spite of all tries, smbd & nmbd is not running.. 

 Please Explain why that sistuation occurs... 
 I'll wait for your kind help ..    

 Thank you .for reading!!! and Happy New Year!!!

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