character set problem with smbmount??

Mikael Eriksson master33 at
Mon Jan 1 15:45:30 GMT 2001

Machine "A" linux with samba
Machine "b" win98

Here's the problemfree section:
Connection b -> a = no problems seeing characters like "å,ä,ö"
Connection a -> b, using smbclient = no problems seeing characters like "å,ä,ö"

Here's the problem section:
Connection a -> b, using mount -t smbfs = characters like "å,ä,ö" is 
replaced with "?"

I have tried everything I can think of, but no luck so far........anyone 
with a nice little solution for me?

Micke E

Mikael Eriksson
Sikeå Hamn
0934-152 51
070-650 55 66
master33 at

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