Lock up issue

Mike Baptiste baptiste at cc-concepts.com
Wed Feb 28 23:27:37 GMT 2001

[Since samba-bugs has been shutdown, I'm posting this here...]

I'm running RH 7.0 with both 2.2.16 and 2.4.2 kernels
I've got the following samba packages installed:


I have a Windows NT 4 server (SP6a) which stores many of my files since I
use both Linux and Windows to access them (Linux on my desktop, Windows on
my laptop)  I don't access the shares at the same time (my desktop is usuall
yoff when I use my laptop and vice versa)

I mount 2 shares off my NT box:

smbmount //baptiste_srv/mike ~/ntsrv -o
smbmount //baptiste_srv/NT_Junk ~/mp3 -o

I've done this as both root and the user yyyyyyy

Obviously, the mp3 share is just that - nothing but mp3's.  The first share
stores common email and document files.

I've found since I first put this system together that if I have 2
applications accessing SMB shares (not necessarily the same one) at the same
time, the samba subsystem locks up along with the applications.  It first
happened at random it seemed when I had Netscape or Mozilla open (accessing
my local mail files on the ntsrv share) and something else with an open
document like Gnumeric or AbiWord.  It would lock the apps up.  Killing the
parent process would leave defunt zombies that could NOT be killed.  Even
root kill -9 would not work.

The problem became more obvious when I started playing MP3s in the
background with XMMS.  If I used my mail client or even opened/saved a file
with gnumeric, it would SOMETIMES lock up.  Note it is not immediate. 
However, playing MP3s increases the frequency of the problem.  Note I use
IMAP so I access my 'Local' email folders infrequently.  It appears to be
some type of problem when 2 applications issue SMB calls at the same time.

Once it freezes, the shares are dead.  Any application tryin gto access them
(even 'df') will freeze when it gets to the SMB shares.

The shares cannot be unmounted.  Durin gshutdown, I get errors from
smb_request as the system tries to unmount the shares.  I get smb_request
error=-512 setting invalid and then a few error=-3.

It should be noted that sometimes during a shutdown when the shares are NOT
forzen, I'll get error=-104 I believe though the shares to that point were
functioning fine.

When I've had just ONE applciation using a share - never had a problem. 
I've played MP3s for days straight - no problem.  But open another app
accessing different files or even a different share and it doesn't take long
for hte shares to lock.

I know this is light on debug info - is there any tool or /proc file that
might shed some light on this?  I can reproduce it fairly easily (just play
MP3s and then do normal stuff :) )

Anyone seen behavior like this?

Mike Baptiste
mike at baptistefamily.net

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