smbpasswd problem

Witness bmeyer67 at
Wed Feb 28 19:04:20 GMT 2001

I have a domain set up using Samba 2.0.7. However, none of the users can
login because of the smbpasswd file.  Even after running the 'smbpasswd'
for each user when I added them to the system, it did not add them to
the file. So I just generated one, as described in ENCRYPTION.txt, from
a copy of the /etc/passwd file that had only the users I wanted added in
it. It generated one, but the passwords don't match and I have no idea
what the passwords are.  I believe that I have the shadow passwords
option enabled on the Linux system. What can I do to get the users to
login? The only issue according to log.smb is that it is not finding the
password or the correct password in the smbpasswd file.

Thanks in advance,

Benjamen R. Meyer

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"A bug port! I knew it!"
    - Skuld, "Oh My Goddess"

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