Samba authentication against W2K Active Directory

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed Feb 28 16:17:39 GMT 2001

On Wed, 28 Feb 2001 09:52:25 Boswell Andrew Dr (ITCS) wrote:
> 1. Will the LDAP support being developed in Samba be 
> sufficient to authenticate requests for Samba shares 
> against Active Directory running under a w2k server?
> 2. Will other software be required in such a configuration
> (OpenLDAP)?.
> 3. When will the LDAP support become product, both 
> product baseline and expected date?  Is there any product 
> LDAP support in 2.2.0?  
> 4. Can Samba do this sort of LDAP authentication as a 
> stand-alone fileserver or does it need to be configured 
> as a DC?
> I would be very grateful for any feedback from anyone 
> who has already trialled this sort of configuration.


Samba 2.0 is able to act as a member of a native Windows
2000 domain as long as the DC is still offering service
to "pre-Windows 2000" clients (this means netbios and 
ntlmv1 is still enabled).  The proposed LDAP backend support
is not necessary for this.

cheers, jerry
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