Slow Writes

David W. Chapman Jr. dwcjr at
Wed Feb 28 15:18:42 GMT 2001

Anyone every figure out the slow writes problem.  I'm running FreeBSD 4 and
I know I've heard of people complain about it also.  I've done the ftp test
and with that I get about 35% usage on my 100mbps hub read and write, but
via samba I only get 35% read and less than 5% write.  If I turn raw writes
off I get 20% usage on writes but my reads also go down to 20%.  I'm running
samba 2.2.0alpha2 and windows 98 workstations, but have seen this problem
since I started using samba 2.0.  Is there anyone out there that might have
a clue on how to fix this problem?

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