Help required.

Bill Grzanich organix4 at
Wed Feb 28 14:43:35 GMT 2001

Hi, Dan.

> My question is basically, could this have something to do with running the
Backup via
> Samba? Will Samba, by design, chmod u-x any file it finds that is
> and then perhaps not change it back? If this is not the case, does anybody
have any
> other suggestions?

I suspect that your backup software clears the DOS/Windows archive bit,
which Samba maps to the owner's executable permission.  See Section 5.3 of
the O'Reilly book Using Samba for details.

I believe you can disable this behavior by entering "map archive = No" for
the share in smb.conf, but this may cause problems for the backup software.

I hope this helps.


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