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We experience some bizarre behaviour yesterday with our system, and I am wondering if anybody can help with it. We are running a RedHat Linux 6.1 box, with Samba 2.0.5. The rest of our network is running WinNT. We have one administrative share "/" which Sysadmins access as the "root" user via Samba. We yesterday attempted to backup out Linux installation to DAT, using an NT box accessing the Linux "/" share.

After the backup, we noticed some strange behaviour. FOr example, email was no longer being delivered, with a "Permission Denied" error appearing in the log. It became evident that there were a number of system files (especially executables) that are owned by the "root" user on the Linux box, that had apparently been given a "chmod u-x" command. Programs such as Linuxconf no longer operated because there wasn't execute permission for "root".

My question is basically, could this have something to do with running the Backup via Samba? Will Samba, by design, chmod u-x any file it finds that is root-executable, and then perhaps not change it back? If this is not the case, does anybody have any other suggestions?

The system logs show no record of anybody or any program chmod-ing anything.

Help will be appreciated!

Thanks in advance,
Dan Goodes

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