Nbfw, Cross-subnet browsing

Fabrice Gautier gautier at email.enst.fr
Wed Feb 28 00:21:46 GMT 2001


I'm currently using the nbfw (netbios forwarder - http://nbfw.sourceforge.net/)
patch with samba on a linux masquerading firewall/router. It works
pretty well.

I was wondering if there was plan to include this patch in samba (or TNG)

I was also wondering if there was any way to use this as a mean to do
cross-subnet browsing efficient.

The paradox is that browsing works better between a maqueraded network
and a class C net (with nbfw) than between two class C subnet (with
simple router, no masquerading and no nbfw)


Fabrice Gautier <gautier at email.enstfr>

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