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The key is to use the mount command... as in:
mount -t smbfs -o username=NAME,password=PASSWD,etc  //host/share
<file://host/share>  /mountpoint
This can be expressed in your fstab as:
//host/share <file://host/share>  /mountpoint smbfs
username=NAME,password=PASSWD,...   0 0
The options are the options shown for man smbmount (plus any global options
like user,noauto etc)

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I'm using various 2000 and 98 machines with my Redhat 7 machine.  Everything
works perfectly when I go from the Win machines to the Linux machine.  But,
I cannot, for the life of me figure out how to mount the Win Shares on my
linux machine!  I have tried smbmount /*/server/*/share (remove * my email
program wants to turn it into a link) but it keeps asking for a mountpoint.
I tried / but that doesn't work. I can connect if I use a smbclient command,
but then I can't transfer files back and forth between my linux and win
machines. Thanks for the help.


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