HOWTO Samba on RH 7.0

GL Fournerat gary at
Tue Feb 27 11:55:22 GMT 2001

Hello all:

While I'm recovering from gall bladder surgery, I thought
I'd do something useful (since sitting up is about the only
comfortable position I can find)... like create a HOWTO
Samba (-2.0.7-21ssl) on RH7 (w/ xinetd-

I have already sent off the request to the HOWTO coordinator
at (has anyone noticed that the listed email
address <discuss at> for the coordinator is

I'm hopeful linuxdoc will write back and say this document
has already been created; that I have just failed to locate
it.  If so, wonderful!!

If this HOWTO has not been created, I'd like to enlist the
help of anyone that has some familiarity with Samba-2.0.
Please email me off-list at gary at if you're
interested in participating.

I might add that my home LAN consists of the following: NT 4
(SP5) PDC, a Win 98 SE workstation, a Win 95 workstation,
and a RH 7.0 server (with kernel-2.2.17-14)... so we can
experiment on all these platforms.


Gary Fournerat

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