Problem with mput * on Tru64 ?

Brian Sheldon bsheldon at
Tue Feb 27 11:20:31 GMT 2001

I know what causes the problem, client.c uses a find command with a
maxdepth parameter which is not understood by Tru64 (or Sco) and causes
the error message. A temporary fix is to turn on recursive mode, in our
situation we know that the wildcard files we are putting don't exist
below the current directory so we can get away with it.

Thanks also to Mohamed kalai for forwarding a modified client.c that
fixes the mput bug. But, does anyone know when the master release will
be modified with this bug fix in place?

I've also checked back to 2.0.5a client.c and the ls command was used
instead of the problematic find -maxdepth. Why was it changed?


Brian Sheldon
Aldcliffe Computer Systems Ltd

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> From: 	Brian Sheldon  
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> Subject:	Problem with mput * on Tru64 ?
> Samba 2.0.7 running on Compaq Tru64 UNIX V5.0A with latest 
> tru64 patches.
> "mget *" works OK, "mput *" or something like "mput *.bat" 
> fails with the error message "find: bad option -maxdepth".
> Several questions - Anyone else come across this one? Would 
> dropping back to 2.0.6 fix the problem? Could it be an issue 
> with 2.0.7 on Tru64 V5?
> Regards,
> Brian Sheldon
> Aldcliffe Computer Systems Ltd

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