really FRUSTRATED...

Herbert Lewis herb at
Tue Feb 27 05:01:26 GMT 2001

The microsoft domain name has nothing to do with the DNS domain.
Use nmblookup -A <dns name of win2k machine> This will return
a list of names this machine has registered (alternately you could
run the command nbtstat -n on the win2k machine) The <1B> Group name
is registered by the domain master browser (which in NT land is 
also the domain controller). That is the microsoft domain name.
The <20> Unique name is the netbios name of the machine.

So.... the <1B> Group name is used for the -j and the <20> Unique
name is used for the -r option.

mjs wrote:
> i would like to thank first the people tha been  trying to help,..but
> unfortunetely i haven't seem to get this working...
> let me explain this again,...I want to join a win2k DC to samba...i first
> added the computer account on the win2k server ..
> second i stared the smb daemons,..which seems fine, when i run
> smbpasswd -j digicon (domain) -r digicon (netbios name)
> i run into problems.....
> now so you know when i go to properties of my computer and click on network
> identification tab to find out my netbios name....this is where i run into
> problems...
> my FQDN is
> domain -->
> so -j would be digicon (domain) right??
> and -r digcon also...or
> please help with this , loosing whats left of my mind...
> instructions:

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