Does Samba require RPC/port 111

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Mon Feb 26 22:15:21 GMT 2001


Wow, thanks for the quick reply. I'll just leave that bit off
then! I was on my laptop this morning early (couldn't sleep)
and I was trying out a Windows product called Zone Alarm and I
kept getting scanned at 111 and other ports from these Korean
machines. They seem to be incredibly active lately - can't
imagine why it would be clusters of Korean sites...sigh.


Rich Parker
Director of Engineering
Vermont Public Radio

    rparker at writes:
    > If I put up a unix machine for a Samba server I don't have
    > any good reason to allow RPC or NFS and am inclined leave
    > RPC/port 111 disabled but someone mentioned that they thought
    > Samba might require this service. I'd be most grateful for 
    > clarification on this issue if anyone has info on this.
    Samba shouldn't require this service at all.  Any RPC stuff done
    by Samba happens encapsulated in SMB (port 139) and not over the
    SUN RPC ports.


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