Redhat Linux in an NT world

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Mon Feb 26 15:46:58 GMT 2001

"Ricker, Tony" wrote:
> Hello,
>         I work at a university and our department is 
> going to have its own file server. The situation is I have 
> to be able to file serve, and serve VMS printers off of 
> this server. I immediately wanted to install Red Hat 7.0 and
> run Samba for the file serving. But the powers that be 
> want to run NT server instead of Linux. Can anybody help 
> me with ammo to thwart this travesty? Any and all info 
> would be helpful.

Perhaps the best thing to do is ask "Why do they want to 
run NT?"  If you have an existing NT account 
infrastructure, then Samba can easily serve file and 
printers using the existing NT domain accounts.  With the 
upcoming release of Samba 2.2, we will also support the NT 
printing RPC's and server filesystem ACLs (via the Windows 
NT Security Tab in Explorer).  

What does this mean for you?  For a standalone file/print 
server we provide equivalent services as NT.  So what does
Linux/Samba offer that NT does not.

  o Price - Linux/Samba is much cheaper than NT server 
    software license.  For Universities this is geneally 
    a good thing :-)

  o easy, secure remote administration

  o flexibility - while smb.conf does suffer from parameter
    bloat, you can tweak just about anything you want

  o compatibility - Samba can server all versions of MS client
    operating systems

  o source code - the flexibilty of being able to tweak 
    things even more

In addition to this, there aer many companies who will 
sell you tech support if you wish for more than source code
and mailing lists.

Cheers, jerry
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