W2000 password server

Johan Lindberg Johan.Lindberg at eu.pnu.com
Mon Feb 26 15:23:12 GMT 2001

  Dear All
  I have problem to get samba2.0.7 work against a W2000 passwordserver.
  We have two samba server coexisting on the same network.  One running 
  samba on a SGI O2 using (samba v1.19.17) works fine against the NT4 
  server. One runs on a SGI O200 using samba 2.0.7. This one I cannot 
  get either the authorization or browsing to work against the W2000 
  password server. However it works perfect against the old NT4 
  We run samba in server mode and with encrypted passwords. That's about 
  the only changes done in the configuration.
  Wrong settings? Bugs? Please help.
  johan.lindberg at eu.pnu.com

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