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I understand about security, but when you are having a problem
that is directly related to networking, and IP addresses, posting
your smb.conf file with the ip addresses x'ed out isn't very 
useful.  Guessing, I would say by your description that the 
hosts allow line that you have (when it is not commented out) 
does not match the ip addresses of the clients where you are getting 
the message about not listening for calling name error.  That's pretty
much what the hosts allow line is FOR - if Samba gets a request from an
ip address that doesn't match the hosts allow mask, then it throws it 
away. Remember, a 'hosts allow' line, also implies that everyone else is 
DIS-allowed. If you want clients NOT on your local subnet to be able to
Samba, then samba will need a way to resolve the client netbios names, and 
the clients will need a way to resolve the Samba server name, and a network
route between the two subnets must be established.  Wins is a good way to do
this. or DNS; I would point you to the following chapter in "Using Samba"
to get a better idea of HOW to do what you want before going any further:
(Networking Options with Samba):pg 101
(Name resolution):pg 224
You can find an online copy of this at

There's also a nice explanation of networking with samba in the SAMS
publication of "Learning Samba in 24 hrs".

IN general,
you should check the ip address of the client where you are getting the
calling name
problem, the subnet set on that machine, and if that DOES match the hosts
allow line,
check that you can ping and nameresolve the samba server from the client,
and the client
from the sambaserver.

Sorry I can't be more specific,

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Subject: confusing configuration question

I am trying to set up SAMBA on a RedHat Linux box, running 
SAMBA 2.0.7. On my local net the smb.conf file listed below 
works fine. But I need to share the SAMBA directories beyond my 
local net and want to be able to use the "hosts allow" directive. 
However when that line is not commented out, I get the following 
error on the server: "Not listening for calling name" and am not able 
to connect to the SAMBA Directories.

So the working smb.conf is here:

netbios name = MANDALA
workgroup = WORK-GROUP

	wins support = no

;	hosts allow = XXX.XXX.XXX. 127.
	interfaces = XXX.XXX.XXX.X

	security = user
	log file = /var/log/samba/%m.log

encrypt passwords = yes
remote announce = 66.31.XXX.XX

guest ok = yes
read only = no

 comment = temporary files 
 path = /tmp
 read only = yes
 username = administrator

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  Leonard Jacobs
  (508) 359-5473

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