Robert Jones rjonese at home.com
Sun Feb 25 21:04:01 GMT 2001

i have redhat 7.0 with the latest patch for xinetd.conf as i heard this was the cause for the swat and web based linuxconf to not work....
i use this machine mainly as a masquerade box using ipfwadm and the like (trying to figure out ipchains as we speak)...
i have the default web page up and running so i know httpd is working and i have turned on all the options i found for web access linux conf and samba web config.. i Now have the linux conf webserver telling me i dont have acces ie:error 500 500 access denied: Check networking/linuxconf network access which is turned on in linux conf and i getno acces to the swat page at all....
any response would be appreciated
rjonese at home.com

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