How to configure SAMBA in my situation

Harun, Mohd Samsull mohd.samsull.harun at
Sun Feb 25 06:44:04 GMT 2001


I'm from Malaysia and sorry about this unconvenient mail.Actually I want to
ask you a few question regarding the SAMBA setup/configuration,I'm still new
to linux but can operate it.Here is my networking situation:

PC 1
Computer name : Vectra VL400
IP address :
O/S : Windows 98 SE

PC 2
Computer name : Gigabyte 440BX
IP address :
O/S : Red Hat linux 6.1

-Using dual speed hub 10/100,5 ports/want add pc for future plan
-100 base TX connections
-Network Interface Cards 100 Mbps
-make linux act like a server

-Hp DeskJet 640 C connect through PC 1 Lpt port

-Aztech external modem connect through PC 2 serial port

I try to read the SAMBA note for many times and try it but can't figure
out,I hope with your explanantion in details I know what I,m try to do it.
Here is my question:
a)Can you explain in details (step by step) how to configure SAMBA if I
would to have like stated networking
- share 2 folder in linux system (folder name public and Gigabyte)
- share window printer
- sharing dial-up internet connection

Hopefully you can explain it in details and I'm very appreciate it for your

#note:when reply it please include this mailing list - msharun at
(this is my home e-mail address)

Mohd Samsull Harun

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