Sudden Problem Browsing

Jon Crabtree jonc at
Sat Feb 24 23:47:16 GMT 2001

I have been running Samba for a year or so with no problems on a Solaris
I have been browsing shares with win98 and NT. I was using Samba 2.0.2f?

and after a reboot of the Solaris 7 box I can not get to the shares on
the server.
I went ahead and upgraded to Samba 2.0.7 but I still have the same
When I use windows I see the Samba Server but then as you click on it
you are shown 5 folders  labled  a, c, d, e, and f
When you click on them you are prompted for a password to server
I am not sure what is going on. I have not touch Samba in almost a year
I am concerned what caused this.
any help will be great


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