Urban Widmark urban at
Sat Feb 24 11:07:16 GMT 2001

On Fri, 23 Feb 2001, mjs wrote:

> how do i add samba to my domain for windows 2000 server which is a DC?
> smbpasswd -j DOM -r PDC??
> isn't this only for winnt 4.0..??
> my domain name for win2k server is and my FQDN is
> how would i use smbpasswd to join the domain ??

You need to use the name of the NT domain (usually a short name in all
captial letters like FOOBAR), not the DNS domain.

And I'm not sure if this works with win2k domain controllers unless it is
in some "NT4 compatability mode" (samba is trying to be an NT4).


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