Samba Print Server

Mark Penkower mark at
Fri Feb 23 20:27:31 GMT 2001

I want to thank all of you for your help.   I figured out how to edit
/etc/printcap to set up a local printer.  I then modified my smb.conf
file to set up the share.

Now, I want to improve on performance.  I am sending a Microsoft Access
10 Page report from from an HP - Jet Direct Print Server.  On 4 tries,
the average time for the job to finish is 60 seconds.  Sending the same
job through my Samba Print Server averages 75 seconds.  I tried to speed
things up by adding the appropriate ip addresses to /etc hosts.  I also
tried changing the :br param to 468000 from 57000.  These didn't seem to

The problem seems to be the spooling.  When I print from the Jet Direct
Print Server, the job has taken, at the least 7 seconds to get to the
printer, and at the most 20 seconds.  When I print fromthe Samba Server
however, it usually takes at least 30 seconds just to get to the

What can I do to speed this up.

Thanks again!

Mark Penkower

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