Samba install & test

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Hello Abbas,
Unless you have hacked your NT registry to allow it to 
negotiate and send plaintext passwords, you will need to 
add your users and their passwords into smbpasswd file as well;
NT and windows encrypt their passwords differently than the UNIX
oneway encryption algorythm, so you can't authenticate against the 
standard unix /etc/passwd password.
Check out the man page on smbpasswd for details;
you will also want to put encrypt passwords = yes
in the global section after your security = user statement.

There's a very good how to in the "Using Samba" manual from O'Reilly
that you can reference online at

starting on pg: 171

Hope this helps,
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With reference to

I ran the following tests:
1 - 7  All were successful. 
Test 8 is a problem. 

Both Nt and unix boxes are in the same workgroup. 

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