Samba and mangled map problems

Donald Schleede don.schleede at
Fri Feb 23 17:43:12 GMT 2001

I have been trying to find a way in samba to map a filename from a 8.3
format to a nice unix name. We are trying to do this due to a vendor having
incompatibilities with an application between unix and pc.

For example: we would like a filename on the Unix side as "file.test" to
appear as "file.tst" on the PC side. This works fine with the "mangled map"
function. However, mangled map ONLY works one way. If the PC creates the
file "file.tst" it does NOT get renamed on the unix side to "file.test". we
would like to have both ways. The reason for this is that the application
when it is editing the file, even though it may exist on the unix side, the
PC application will do a rename of the old file, and create a brand new
file. Because of the one way mapping of the "mangled map" function, the Unix
side now has the wrong filename.

Is there something I am missing that is obvious?

-Don Schleede
Sr. Unix Systems Architect
Adelphia Communications
don.schleede at

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