Problems with changing file permissions

Ilkka Lindblom don at
Fri Feb 23 13:14:08 GMT 2001


I have a problem with samba 2.0.7. My setup is a follows:

a w2ks box, which is mainly used for storing passwords
a linux box, which is running samba 2.0.7, from the debian stable
an another w2ks box, which is running visual sourcesafe.

The smb server authenticates users from the w2ks box. This works fine.
However, when using vss, the users check out stuff, from the vss server,
to the smb share. Vss requires, that when stuff is checked back in, the
local copies (in this case, the ones on the smb share) are marked as

This works fine with one user. But if user joe of group devel checks out
something (again, to the smb share on the linux box), and thusly
creates a file, becoming the owner of that file, user jim of group
devel can not mark the files as read only, or change any of the file
attributes, even with the permissions set properly, 770. It would seem to
me, that one can not change the permissions of a file one does not own,
even if one has complete (770) control over the file and directory.

I read the man page for a while and then tried to change all the file
ownerships to user develteam of group devel, and then setting the share's
'force user'- option to 'develteam'. The users still use their
individual user names and passwords for authentication, though. This made
the situation even worse, now nobody can change the file attributes. One
_can_ check the checkbox in the file properties dialog, but it has no
effect- if one re-opens the dialog, the checkbox is again blank. The
relevant settings under the 'security' tab are all grayed out.

Is this a samba problem? A w2k problem? Is there anything I can possibly
do to get around? I'd hate to switch my file server over to w2k just
because of a problem with that darn m$ version control system.

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