Login invalid other than root...?

Tony Nakamura tony at uickarate.com
Thu Feb 22 18:59:41 GMT 2001

Sorry for the question after another...

I have RH7.0 and samba running, trying to 
make it talk with NT servers/2000.  It's working
great, except that it only allows me to connect
using root.  It complains about the bad username/
password pair kind of thing, and it tells me that 
password is wrong when I try to map the drive
from NT.  It works fine from NT if I use root.

I am basically adding users in Linux by using adduser,
and I use smbpasswd to change the samba password.
smbpassword tells me that it is updated correctly and
that the new user is added to samba.  I checked the inside
of smbpasswd, and it has the entry for the user I added.

Any ideas?

Thank you!


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