*HUGE* connections.tdb w/ 2.2.0a2

root lists at gecko.math.ualberta.ca
Thu Feb 22 16:59:04 GMT 2001

I've notice that after somewhere between 4 and 12 hours of operation,
connections.tdb becomes insanely huge: by this I mean about 1GB in size.
I think the only reason the file stopped there was that the disk was
full. I'm certain it's not a high load issue: this machine is only 
handling 16 clients... needless to say, the only way to work around this
it seems is to kill the daemon and nuke connections.tdb. help?

Also, would anyone have a suggestion on where to go about diagnosing an
odd printing problem? The users can mount/read/write their home dirs, some
can print, some cannot. I turned up the debug level and noticed a number
of calls for "getpwnam(ADMINISTRATOR)" , "getpwnam(printer admins)" and
the like... help?

Samba 2.2.0-alpha2
HP/UX 10.20

Chris Kuethe:  System Administrator  -   U of A Math Dept.

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