samba and HSM systems

Bartsch, Michael (I/FI-3) Michael.Bartsch at AUDI.DE
Thu Feb 22 14:09:36 GMT 2001

Hi there,

I am just experimenting with samba on a sun E6500 on a HSM Filesystem
(sam-fs). If the "SessTimeOut"="600" is set on the Windows Clients it is
working fine, the file that should be accessed will be reloaded and the
windows-machine waits until the data comes in. But until the data comes in,
everything freezes on the samba-network-share. I think that it is because
the HSM system sends the smbd to sleep until the file has been reloaded.
Wouldn't it be possible to allow an optional new behavior of the smbd:
	- Every connected user receives one dedicated smbd-process.
	- each fileoperation results in a fork of the smbd which will exit
after competion

I know that needs a powerful machine and will slow down everything a little
bit and you possibly gets thousands of processes but it will better support
multitasking on the clients and of course HSM filesystems. 

What do you think about it? If you dont think that it shoul be integrated in
a normal release, it would be nice if anybody could save some of my time and
tell me where a fork should be integrated in the source, so I could try by

Regards to all,

Michael Bartsch

If only every day had 100 hours...   ;)

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