Failed to get my hostname

Ruy Oliveira ruy at
Thu Feb 22 12:38:51 GMT 2001

Hi everybody,

I'm having trouble to put the SAMBA working again. It was working well,
but after I have changed something by mistake, the
same did not work anymore.

When I run "testparm" command I get:

Get_Hostbyname: unknown host    NAME_host
Failed to get my hostname

I have already verified the following files:

/etc/hosts, /etc/HOSTNAME,  /etc/sysconfig/network and  /etc/host.conf.

At first all they are ok, since I compared them with another machine
that is running
so well.

I suspect that any file can have been lost, but I'm not sure.

Besides, the ping command with the direct IP address is running

So, I hope rely on the help of this mailing list to solve this trouble.

Thanks in advance,


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