newbie: printing accounting question

Dragos Delcea dragos.delcea at
Thu Feb 22 15:46:52 GMT 2001

Hello, everybody

Being a newbie to samba, and not knowing, I have to ask this:

	I am investigating the posibility of keeping some printing acounting
for the networked printer we have (who printed -by who meaning
machine/user-, how many pages, at what time...).
	The setup is: 	+RH 5.2 with samba 2.0.4b -the file and printing server
				and also logon server (PDC? is this correct?) 					for the whole LAN
(win98/NT clients) 
			+hp laserjet 4000 (networked) -the printer

Can this be done with samba?
Thank you in advance,

Dragos Delcea
Bucharest, Romania

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