AW: WIN2000 - share reconnecting

mabo at mabo at
Thu Feb 22 08:46:15 GMT 2001

>> So the question: Why do I have to enter a password every logon?
>> This did not happen with NT4 (same server)

>I can't believe that it worked under NT4. Windows never
>trusts a foreign host if the password is sent in plain text.
>Windows always asks for a password when you logon,
>except if the password is encrypted.

But in fact it worked...
Maybe it's because the home-drive mapping via the user-manager...

If the user hasn't mapped a home drive on the samba machine this is true.
You'll have to reenter the password every logon. But if it is mapped - no.
My problem is that this behaviour changed with W2K. Maybe this is no
samba-problem - but on the other side there might be a chance to get
the old (NT4 like) behaviour...

regards, Mario

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