WIN2000 - share reconnecting

mabo at mabo at
Wed Feb 21 18:50:36 GMT 2001

Hi, all

I have a problem with the following setup:

Server: RedHat Linux 6.2 with samba-2.0.6-9 "out of the box"
Clients: Windows 2000, with/without SP

I have applied the Win2000 plain password reg patch.

I connect to a share and select [x] reconnect at logon - no problem so far.
The home drive ist mapped to the user account (user manager W2K)

When I logon to the machine again the home drive gets connected
automatically, but when
reconnecting one of the other shares I am asked for a password.

If I enter the password the share gets reconnected - if I cancel and
discard the error dialog the share is available

So the question: Why do I have to enter a password every logon?
This did not happen with NT4 (same server)

TIA , Mario Botegal

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