Samba Password Problems

Mark Penkower mark at
Wed Feb 21 13:33:58 GMT 2001

I just set up a samba Server.

I am trying to access via a Windows NT Workstation on an NT Network.

I added the machine via server manager.  I joined the domain via the
smbpasswd utility.

I modified smb.conf to set security  = domain and
encryped passwords = yes

I told it that the PDC was the password server

The [homes] section says broseable = no
read only = no

testparm says everythiing is correct.

I added the user to samba and put added the password.

The share is not accessable via Network Neighborhood.

I run explorer and manually map to the linux box - it adds username to
the description field and shows 2 folders - one with my user name, and
one named public.

If I click on my username, a box comes up saying incorrect username or
password - When I supply the combination, nothing happens.

If I click on Public, the message is - the network name could not be

I then tried the following at the linux box:

I typed in //smbclient //machinename/public

It showed that it added the correct interface, broadcast and netmask.
It asked for my password - I gave it.  It then specified the domain os
and server.

Then it said" tree connect failed :ERRSRV - ERRinvnetname (invalid
network name in tree connect)."

What do I need to do to see the shares.


Mark Penkower

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