Large checkin on 2.2 branch.

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Wed Feb 21 02:04:57 GMT 2001

Hi all,

		I just did a large checkin of code on the 2.2 CVS
branch. This integrates a large chunk of the TNG code to
provide SAMR services (PDC Stuff).

It will also help Tim Potter greatly in moving the winbindd
code into 2.2.

It got done as a side effect when I was adding the capability
for 2.2 to serve out user lists to a Win9x server - something
we promised for 2.2. The code we had in there had gotten too
ugly to live, and needed replacing with something that is a
more robust framework for future work.

This will delay 2.2 by a bit, but I hope people are more
interested in getting a stable release with all the needed
functionality than something out there "fast".

Having said that, the tree may be a little unstable as I
need to go through and re-run memory leak/overrun checkers
on the new code, and some of the functionality previously
supported by the old crufty code may have been broken a bit
in the merge. But it should be a lot easier to fix.

I'm sending this message as I know some people have been living
off the 2.2 CVS tree for a while, and wanted to warn people
about the large changes.

But this was the last significant functionality add before
2.2, so now it's stability, not features - then on to ship
(finally - hurrah :-).

Thanks for your patience,


		Jeremy Allison,
		Samba TEam.

Buying an operating system without source is like buying
a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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