ip restrictions in smb.conf question

tony.brogan at unix1.trinity.ox.ac.uk tony.brogan at unix1.trinity.ox.ac.uk
Wed Feb 21 01:22:08 GMT 2001

i would like to restrict access to a samba server by ip address
i normally do this with the "hosts allow" parameter and can happily
restrict to just one class c network eg, 

hosts allow = 163.1.2.

but what if i want the above class c but not all of it eg, i want from to

it doesnt seem practical to have a line:
hosts allow =,, etc

the hosts equiv parameter can take a filename as a parameter eg,
hosts equiv = /etc/hosts.equiv
but trying this with "hosts allow" just doesnt work. it lets everything 

i have looked at the documentation but came up blank. any suggestions
would be most appreciated

many thanks


tony brogan

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