1pdc of 3 workgroup

Matteo S. sgala at sgala.com
Tue Feb 20 18:27:06 GMT 2001

hello! i need this

pdc samba(with wins)
	\	--	WORKGROUP2 [lab 2]
	\	--	WORKGROUP3 [lab 3]

all pcs logon with domain DOMAIN1 and have as wins server the ip of the PDC.
the pcs are partitioned in 3 workgroup, and this group need to browse between.
I have tryied this but in any workgroup were been elected a master browser. I don't wont and i want that the master is DOMAIN1 for all workgroups.

The solution for this problem is put DOMAIN1 in all workgroup as masterbrowser but samba accept only one workgroup.;(

Some suggests?;)

Thanks in advance! 

Matteo S.

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