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Tue Feb 20 07:32:56 GMT 2001

Mario Marquez wrote:
> I?m newbie in Samba, I've installed in Red Hat 6.1, but when i'm trying for
> checking, the system send to me this message ( using smbstatus )
> Couldn't open status file /var/lock/samba/STATUS..LCK
> what does it mean?
> best regards,
> mario marquez

Samba doesn't bother creating this file at startup, only once it actualy
gets a connection, and so there is nothing for the smbstatus utility to
read.   If it bothers you just touch the file 'touch
/var/lock/samba/STATUS..LCK' as root, and you will have an empty file to

Hope this explains things a bit better,
Andrew Bartlett

Andrew Bartlett
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