NT hates Samba ??!?

Jansen, Eric Eric_Jansen at cdillc.com
Mon Feb 19 21:53:58 GMT 2001

I think the problem is that samba looks at the systemname, not the logon

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> From the scenario you have listed, both user A and user B are logging
> into the system as user "se".  How is the system supposed to know them
> apart if they log in with the same username????????
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> Hello there,
>             While fiddling about with the system,I
> have noticed the following problem.
> -----------------------------------------------------
> We have some NT machines on our network.It is a 10
> user pack.There are 5 current user accounts on each
> system.
> fe,se,te,be and of course,administrator.
> All the 1st year students log in as fe.All the 2nd
> year students log in as se and so on....
> I have made a shortcut to the samba server on the
> desktop.Let's say a user ( we will call him `A') logs
> in as se .He sees the shortcut (renamed "home" )on the
> desktop.When he clicks on it,he is asked for his
> username and passwd.After it is authorised,he can see
> **only** his home directory,nothing else.
>       Now,after he logs out,we are again presented
> with a "press ctrl+alt+delete to login "
> prompt.Now,assume a second user `B' logs in again as
> se.Again he will see the "home" shortcut on the
> desktop.When he clicks on it,he is again asked for the
> username and passwd.
> After `B' is authenticated,he should IDEALLY see
> **only** his home directory.NOTHING ELSE.But this
> doesn't happen.What happens on my network is,he CAN
> see the home directory of the previous user `A' who
> has logged in before him,and then logged out again.And
> he can browse it too.
>    So a user from the se account (well it is true for
> all users on the other accounts too) can surf the home
> directories of the users who had logged in before
> him.And that is a definite bother :(((
> ------------------------------------------------------
>        My guess is that samba is not terminating the
> session when the user `A' logs out, 'coz when I check
> the number of active sessions, I can see two ( A's and
> B's ),even after `A' has logged out,and `B' has logged
> in.But this is just a wild guess,I really don't know.
>      So do see if you understand what is happening,and
> tell me about any ideas/solutions/suggestions you
> might have.
>  Sagar        
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