DNS change - browsing doesn't work

Lori Homsher lhomsher at jjsheeran.com
Mon Feb 19 09:14:37 GMT 2001

I apologize if this is not the correct forum for this question. I went 
through the diagnosis.txt file and found this email address at the end.

I've been using Samba successfully for 4 years with very few problems. It's 
a great product! However, I recently changed our DNS IP addresses and now I 
can't browse my samba servers from Windows. I have a hunch it's a Windows 
problem, not a Samba problem, but I've exhausted my troubleshooting options 
and I'm hoping for some new ideas.

Here's the problem: After changing /etc/resolv.conf (and all PCs) to show 
the new DNS IPs, my 'network neighborhood' errors out with "jjsheeran is 
not accessible - the list of servers for this workgroup is not currently 
available." It's acting like my workgroup name has changed, but it hasn't.

I deleted the browse.dat & wins.dat files and restarted samba. It recreated 
the files, but I still can't see my samba servers. All other tests (1-9) 
from the diagnosis.txt file pass with flying colors, so I'm pretty sure my 
samba server is running fine.

I'd appreciate any ideas anyone out there may have.


Lori Homsher
Vice President, Information Services    | Phone: 302.324.0200 ext. 620
Sheeran Direct Marketing                | Fax: 302.324.0213

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