Service Dump Not Showing All Info

Alex Le Fevre alexlefevre at
Mon Feb 19 04:39:46 GMT 2001

I just installed samba-latest, and it looks like the
binaries are just fine; smbclient works fine, and I
can get smbd to start as a daemon. However, I'm
(surprise!) having trouble getting Windows to see my

The item I think may be of most interest in my work
here is that when using testparm, the dump for my
share only shows part of the info in smb.conf. The
dump is:

[Web Pages]
        comment = Web Page Directories
        path = /home/www
        writeable = Yes
        guest ok = Yes

Whereas smb.conf says:

[Web Pages]
   comment = Web Page Directories
   path = /home/www
   public = yes
   writable = yes
   printable = no
   browseable = yes

I've checked this both against the examples included
in the package and a working version of Samba from a
friend's Caldera Linux server (I'm running OpenBSD
2.8); it appears, on the surface, to be perfectly

Any idea why I'm not getting it to show up? The server
itself isn't even showing up in Network Neighborhood.


Alex Le Fevre

PS Anyone who may want to help, I'll be happy to send
my entire service dump over...I just didn't want to
burden the list with all that crap.

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