NT hates Samba ??!?

Sagar Behere sagar_behere at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 18 14:01:11 GMT 2001

Hello there,
            While fiddling about with the system,I
have noticed the following problem.

We have some NT machines on our network.It is a 10
user pack.There are 5 current user accounts on each

fe,se,te,be and of course,administrator.

All the 1st year students log in as fe.All the 2nd
year students log in as se and so on....

I have made a shortcut to the samba server on the
desktop.Let's say a user ( we will call him `A') logs
in as se .He sees the shortcut (renamed "home" )on the
desktop.When he clicks on it,he is asked for his
username and passwd.After it is authorised,he can see
**only** his home directory,nothing else.
      Now,after he logs out,we are again presented
with a "press ctrl+alt+delete to login "
prompt.Now,assume a second user `B' logs in again as
se.Again he will see the "home" shortcut on the
desktop.When he clicks on it,he is again asked for the
username and passwd.


After `B' is authenticated,he should IDEALLY see
**only** his home directory.NOTHING ELSE.But this
doesn't happen.What happens on my network is,he CAN
see the home directory of the previous user `A' who
has logged in before him,and then logged out again.And
he can browse it too.

   So a user from the se account (well it is true for
all users on the other accounts too) can surf the home
directories of the users who had logged in before
him.And that is a definite bother :(((
       My guess is that samba is not terminating the
session when the user `A' logs out, 'coz when I check
the number of active sessions, I can see two ( A's and
B's ),even after `A' has logged out,and `B' has logged
in.But this is just a wild guess,I really don't know.

     So do see if you understand what is happening,and
tell me about any ideas/solutions/suggestions you
might have.


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