Samba TNG and Re: SAM user list

Anthony aslan at
Sun Feb 18 06:11:25 GMT 2001

At 04:56 p 18/02/01, Andrew wrote:
>Samba TNG ( was the SAMBA_TNG branch, and has since
>forked and become a seperate project.  The branch is very much under
>development, and the code is generaly only available from CVS.  Samba
>TNG is also not partiularly intended as a file server - its purpose is a
>a NT PDC, and includes a less maintained/micro-fixed file server.  The
>mainline Samba developers have spent a lot of time on small fixes for
>particular behaviour, like the wildcard fixes discussed earlier this
>week on samba-technical and things like file locking.  Meanwhile the
>Samba TNG folks have been working on other things - like being a better
>NT PDC, and have made quite a bit of progress.
>The best bit of this entire mess is that the two parties parted on good
>terms, and they raid each others codebases for the best of each others
>work (its all GPL).  (The functionality we are both waiting for is being
>brought accross from TNG, and TNG apparently occasionly upgrades its
>smbd (fileserver) code from the mainline codebase.)
>The reasons I don't recomend Samba TNG?  You mentioned your new to
>Linux, the code is pre-alpha - CVS snaphosts and given a few weeks it
>will no longer be necercery.   In my case I *had* to have Win9X user
>lists, so took the plunge.  No major adverse effects, but the system is
>a bit slower and there is somthing weird going on with some of the
>Hope this clears things up,
>Andrew Bartlett
>Andrew Bartlett
>abartlet at

OK time to cut this E-Mail down to size... Thanx for the info Andrew. It 
looks like I'll be going without client sharing for a while, but I think 
I'll manage :) Once again, thanx for your help, it is much appreciated.

Anthony (aslan at

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