Samba TNG and Re: SAM user list

Anthony aslan at
Sun Feb 18 05:19:32 GMT 2001

At 12:17 p 18/02/01, Andrew wrote:
>Anthony wrote:
> >
> > Hi everyone,
> >         I've just joined this and 2 other Samba mailing lists, so I 
> apologise if
> > my questions have already been covered recently. I tried sending this
> > E-Mail to samba-bugs, but it bounced back! So here's the original E-Mail:
> >
> >         I've recently had to reconfigure my Samba server to enable 
> logon scripts
> > from Windows 9x machines. I'm running Samba 2.0.7 on RedHat Linux 6.2. As
> > I'm sure you're all aware, I had to change the Windows machines to
> > "user-level" security, and I previously had them in "share-level" security.
> > When I go to share a drive now, I need to select which users are allowed
> > access to the shares. The problem I'm experiencing is that the Windows
> > machine cannot find the list of users, and when I try searching for users
> > in the System Policy Editor I get the error message "An error occurred
> > trying to access the Address Book Provider". I've read all the man pages
> > and text files I can find on my system and I can't find the solution. Is
> > there a solution to my problem or is it something Samba doesn't yet
> > support? There are no NT servers involved - just Windows 95 workstations
> > and the Samba server.
> >
> >         There it is. I'm a relatively new Linux user, so go easy :)

>This problem is soon to go away :-).  Basically samba doesn't yet
>support user level security for Win9X clients (i.e. the user list).
>This support is implemented in Samba-TNG however, and Jeremy Allison
>intends to get it done for the Samba 2.2 release.
>In the mean time your options are:
>  - Use Samba TNG (NOT recommended, but it does work - I didn't have a
>  - Wait a week or two and hope it makes it into the next Samba 2.2 alpha
>  - Stick with share level security (or decide you don't need to share
>your clients)
>Hope this helps,
>Andrew Bartlett
>Andrew Bartlett
>abartlet at

Thanx for the reply Andrew. I could probably do without sharing the clients 
for now, but could you please tell me why you recommend not using the Samba 
TNG you mentioned above? And if it's worth talking about, what exactly is 
Samba TNG? :)

Anthony (aslan at

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